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About Vincent Simmons
I was featured in the HBO documentary "The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison." In 1977, I was convicted of two counts of attempted aggravated rape, crimes that I did not commit. Despite evidence of prejudice, suppression of evidence, and alibi witnesses, the Louisiana courts have continuously denied my Brady Claims, and my motions for an evidentiary hearing. I am one of many Angola inmates who have been rushed through the system and presumed guilty because of my race.
Case Background
On July 28, 1977, Vincent Simmons was convicted of the attempted aggravated rape of twin white girls, Karen and Sharon Sanders, and sentenced to 100 years in prison. He has been at Angola prison for thirty-three years. He was convicted purely on the basis of the flawed and contradictory testimony of the two alleged victims and their cousin, Keith Laborde. There was no physical evidence of any kind against Vincent, in fact no physical evidence that the rapes ever actually occurred.
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